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Re: Novation Companies, Inc. OTCBB $NOVC by the Numbers.


Boulay Group NOVC Outside Auditor, CPA firm audited and certified the 10K 2020 annual report filed 3 4 21

NOVC GAAP can be interpreted as legal. In fact, I believe Olshan and Boulay the counsel and CPA firm for Novation Companies, Inc. $NOVC have been very careful to play within the envelop.

I leave you all with one thought Re NOVC capital table

Sr Debt the only creditors to leave Ch 11 hold per 10K Audit fair market value FMV of only $11m. The Face Value est $87M is ruse, fodder to take 50M shares at pennies or less and buy in the open market tens of millions of NOVC common all at pennies. The real economic owners hidden behind CDOs have maybe $300K invested in NOVC Sr Debt Note Holders. Barry Igdaloff and Chuck Gillman do not have barely 1m invested. 

Common Stock Equity 117M Shares Outstanding Dilute held by:

19M Mass Mutual Barings

31.3M common shares held by Note Holders Chairman allows them to hide their ID behind Taberna I and II/Fortress, Kodiak CDO One/EJF Capital. Fortress/EJF paid almost nothing for these CDOs. Igdaloff gave Fortress/EJF 9M common at zero and 22.250M 10 yr warrants at one penny strike aka zero

70M NOVC common held by Barry Igdaloff Chairman his crew and 4 investors connected to me

Totals 120.6M NOVC common shares held by the above.

120.6M does not include the other 696 NOCV Common Shareholders of Record page 7 of 2020 10K Audited by versus same 10K shows only 117M shares outstanding dilute the same 10K dilute just assumes Fortress/EJF exercise 22.250M warrants. Yet 49M shares have traded on NOVC since 12/28/20 to 9/10/21 on NO NEWS, Going Concern. One month period 8/4/21 to 9/1/21 over 3.3M NOVC common traded and over half 1.7M were shorted per

I can only conclude one thing these investors will only make money off Novation Companies, Inc $NOVC Common Shares not the Sr Debt which is ruse, fodder to accumulate most of NOVC 117M shares. Barry Igdaloff his co investors most from Dynex Capital $DX, CDOs owned by Fortress, Wesley Edens, EJF Capital Manny Friedman with either direct involvement of Mass Mutual and sub–Barings Bill Wallis, Thomas Finke or their tacit consent have played everyone for their own benefit.

Hang in all!

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