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Raytheon's Secretary Of War Threatens Congress

Establishment Alarmism in Overdrive as Raytheon Lloyd Threatens Congress with War

I wanted to do this quick nightly update as there are a few developments that couldn’t wait.

Most astonishing of all, is the panicked tenor with which the U.S. establishment is now desperately trying to convince Congress of the need for Ukrainian aid.

You’ll recall in the last report I emphasized how the tone was now shifting to: “Russia will invade Europe next!” But even I didn’t expect them to run with that new narrative in such a provocative and alarmist way.

Now a new raft of reports and statements from the usual suspects gives us insight into how desperate the establishment warhawks representing MIC interests have really become.

First, these two videos. Biden openly says that American troops will have to fight Russian troops if Ukraine is not shored up immediately:

Kirby and Blinken stepped up the fearmongering as well, evoking spilled “American blood”:

They’re dialing up the fearporn to a hysteric level like never before:

From the above Breitbart piece:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Congress on Tuesday during a private briefing that if they do not pass more aid to Ukraine, it would “very likely” lead to U.S. troops fighting a war in Europe.

“If [Vladimir] Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) told The Messenger, after Austin and other senior Biden administration officials briefed House lawmakers on their request for more aid for Ukraine.

“And then the idea that we’ll have to put troops on the ground in Secretary Austin’s word was very likely,” McCaul added. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

Recall in the last report I cited Moldova as precisely the next vector, given the sensitivity of the PMR pressure point for Russia.

Most notable is his express use of the qualifier “very likely” to describe U.S. troops fighting on the ground. In fact, the U.S. has been preparing for this grand European war for a while now. Reports have continued to come out this year about NATO attempting to remold the eastern flank’s infrastructure to properly prepare it logistically for a war:

⚡️⚡️⚡️The EC calls for a 1435 mm European gauge railway to be built in the Baltics by 2030. But there is no certainty that Rail Baltica will be built in time

The fact is that the main difficulties faced by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are financial in nature.

For example, according to information from the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, from 2015 to 2023, Latvian construction participants have already spent 916 million euros on the Rail Baltica transport infrastructure project, almost half of the initially planned 2 billion.

But the 2 billion, once planned, are small things in life, adjusted for sanctions and inflation. Now the Latvian part of the project needs 8 billion, and this according to the most conservative estimates.

Taking advantage of the strategic importance of the project, the prime ministers of the Baltic countries will soon travel to Brussels to ask for money⚡️⚡️⚡️

Add the above to recent reports of the NATO ‘military Schengen’ which I recently covered, and we get a clear picture of the slow attempt to move Europe onto a war footing, with the attendant infrastructural revampments.

But most startling of all, is a new report, which Tucker Carlson says is “confirmed” by his private sources, that Lloyd Austin has resorted to outright threatening the Republican House holdouts, telling them “We’ll send your kids to fight Russia” if they don’t break their deadlock over the Ukrainian aid:

BREAKING REPORT: Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin threatens members of classified briefing that if they don’t appropriate more money for Zelensky and Ukraine, “WE'LL SEND YOUR UNCLES, COUSINS AND SONS TO FIGHT RUSSIA."

Essentially saying pay them, or we’ll kill your kids...

So why this unhinged urgency just now?

The reason has to do with this. Congress-correspondent for Bloomberg news writes:

So it sounds like the Ukrainian aid may be completely dead for the rest of this year. Congress will soon go on Christmas recess. After that, the prospects are dim for a long time.

This Ukrainian post captures precisely the outlook of what to expect:

Our success next year will depend on how quickly Congress can agree on a funding package for us for fiscal year 2024 (October 1, 23-September 30, 24).

Currently, some money is still left, and the States provide us with small packages until the global solution of the issue.

But this is to support the pants, nothing more.

If the funding is voted before Christmas (25.12), the first packages will be announced in January-February, and the equipment will arrive from the end of March to the beginning of April.

The problem is that we're going to have a pretty limited window of opportunity next year offensively.

This is due to the fact that after the elections in the swamps, they will most likely announce mass mobilization for the second time. That is, somewhere in the middle of August, the first formed enemy units from mobiks will be at the front.

After the Avdiivka operation (and possibly the Kupyan operation), the enemy will be badly beaten. But our units will also be exhausted.

Therefore, it will not be possible to immediately make a counterattack.

Taking this into account, we will have no more than 2 months. This year there were 5.5 months, for example.

You can "thank" those Trumpist scumbags who in every possible way hindered the adoption of the budget, arranged a speaker's meeting, and now they generally want to tie our package to the border with Mexico (which Mexico, bld????).

👉 Ukrainian Post

So, according to them, even if the funding were to have processed this month, they wouldn’t get the first major deliveries until March and April. So now imagine what happens if it’s true that the funding is dead for this year. Congress won’t come back from recess until January and their docket will be full. They won’t have opportunity to begin even attempting to vote on Ukraine again until well into Jan or even February.

If they happen to reach some agreement, major equipment may not arrive until April, May, or even later. Ukraine may be in a complete deadzone for months from this point forward, and that’s on top of a potentially hellacious winter campaign of infrastructural strikes Russia plans to carry out.

Lloyd Austin, Biden, and co., have dialed up the fearporn precisely because they see the above projection and know what it entails. So they’ve resorted to trying to scare the pants off the GOP congressmen to ram through that aid, but it seems the cheap tactic didn’t work.

That’s not to mention the fact that Russia is now advancing on every single front, with breakthroughs everywhere. A female Ukrainian volunteer said in an interview:

This threatens the Armed Forces of Ukraine to retreat by tens of kilometers in weeks: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are running out of people, Russia has overtaken Ukraine in drones by several times

▪️Ukraine is years behind the Russian Federation in terms of drones, because their production is under Putin’s personal control,” said volunteer M. Berlinskaya.

▪️“We wasted our time, and if before there was parity, now the Russians have overtaken us many times over. The more they automate their systems and move towards swarms of drones, when the drone itself recognizes the target and makes the decision to hit the target... And when thousands of UAVs fly at us, we will retreat tens of kilometers in a matter of weeks.”

▪️“Now it’s not even a stalemate on the chessboard, but a moment of losing. I believe that our people are old enough to be told the truth. And this truth must be heard from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

▪️“Where there are no drones, people become expendable. We have reached a point where we are running out of people. And if we run out of people, we will have to sit down at the negotiating table. For us, this means defeat,” Berlinskaya said.

Many Ukrainian public figures, politicians, etc., are all beginning to come around to the realities. Rada Deputy Goncharenko, for example, broadcasts this take from in front of the White House, now suddenly calling Russia the indubitable “2nd [most powerful] army in the world,” proclaiming that no other force in the 21st century is as experienced in modern warfare as the Russian army:

Interestingly, the official account of the UK Ministry of Defense seems to agree. They were forced to grudgingly report that a vast number of combat experienced officers are now flooding through the Russian military academy system:

But recall that all this hardship for Ukraine comes amidst a crash in their exports as multiple countries are now blocking Ukrainian truck transports, with the maritime economy already long suppressed.

This amounts to massive deficits in the Ukrainian budget, with rumors suggesting social services will be cut starting from January 2024. Furthermore, it gives us an inkling as to the real reasons behind why Zelensky isn’t able to do a full societal mobilization in the way many believed he has no choice but to carry out. That’s because the Ukrainian economy is already hanging by a thread.

I’ve reported before how sources indicate Ukrainian may now be down below 20M population. The young, educated white collar and working class tech workers of Kiev and the big cities are just about the last thing left keeping the Ukrainian economy afloat. To yank them up may rob the Ukrainian state of its last few dribbled drops of financial receipts.

In fact, the conversation has grown louder in Ukrainian society about this very fact, of late.

Kyiv is “the most undermobilized city in Ukraine,” says ex-Aidar* commander Evgeniy Diky.

“ It seems to me that the authorities are afraid of strong mobilization in Kiev, because mobilization is always an unpopular thing. But excuse me, war is an unpopular thing. Unpopular things need to be done. And Kiev in this sense should stop being an oasis,” Dikiy said .

And the following pertinent rumor:

Our sources said that the President's Office banned the General Staff from conducting active mobilization in Kiev, so as not to set up residents of the capital against Zelensky. On Bankova Street, they are afraid that Kiev residents will become the vanguard of Maidan-3, which is why the capital is the most protected city in Ukraine, and there are almost no military commissars on the streets.

While the despair grows on their side of the aisle, Russia and Putin continue to enjoy a resurgence all over the globe, as Putin has completed a jet-setting tour that saw him touch down in the newly-fashioned BRICS territory of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the soon-to-be BRICS affiliated Riyadh, KSA:

Meanwhile, President Raisi of Iran flew to Moscow:

During Putin’s trip he was given special permission by overflight countries to be escorted by fully armed Su-35s. You can see the unique video of both the daytime flight to Abu Dhabi and proceeding night one to Riyadh. Interestingly, at the end you can see a close up of the squadron overflying Iran, with one Iranian F-14A escorting the presidential plane and its Su-35 complement. A very unique sight to see an iconic American F-14, in the hands of Iran no less, flying next to not only Russian Su-35s but escorting the Russian president’s plane:

It’s a busy season of growth and opportunity for the Global South and East, while the Global North and West drowns in their self-created chaos.

A few dispensations:

Russian forces captured a Leopard 2A4 on the Rabotino front. You can see the full geolocation, the Russian FPV drone hits on the tank, and subsequent inspection of it. Interestingly the soldiers indicate some of the crew died, shattering the myth of “invincible” NATO armor that always protects its crew even when disabled by strong hits:

Footage of soldiers of the 71st Guards Regiment of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division of the Russian Armed Forces posing against the background of another abandoned German Leopard 2A4 tank in the Zaporizhzhya region has appeared.

Two Bradleys were likewise captured, this being the new one in Avdeevka:

A beautiful shot confirming that Russian Su-34s now regularly drop 4 UMPK glide-bombs at a time:


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