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Re: Thomas Sowell

For a couple of decades (or more).... but blatantly since Clinton, elections matter only in regards to who gets to the feeding trough first. The silly senseless whining and posturing on Bitchez Are Kooky boards accomplishes nada.

Having the reserve funny munny has allowed this to happen; and the USA was warned about this inevitability as far back as Thomas Jefferson. I'm afraid immorality (trespassing on private property or production--larceny by any other name) has become so rampant that Americans no longer expect the perps to be punished.

Denninger's essay: So About Trump's Second Indictment

<I don,t care...>
(need to copy and paste whole address I believe)

<I also don't care because on the same day this indictment was announced it was also announced that the FBI has had hard evidence for the past three years that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden himself took $5m in bribes each and the target of same was explicit policy actions by the government which, I remind you, Joe Biden bragged about on national television -- yet he still sits in the Oval Office instead of a federal prison.>

The Uniparty will thrive until math prevents it....and/or until grossly overweight/obese Americans are deprived of basic necessities or their "screens" are shut off.

Making other plans in the meantime, ala John Templeton and Cayman "visitors", could be a rational way to proceed for the benefit of one's family... but don't tell anyone unless you are immune to punishment... like the Bush family, the Clinton family, the Biden family, etc.,etc,, ad nauseum.

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