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Re: What if IV & forum bashers force a RS that may not have been needed? Why would you?

I always liked that you ask good questions for discussion Alan.
Hope you are well.
I know we had worked together on a PV-10 Patient Guide, which I've actually shared with a few patients.
First, To Be Very Clear:
1. As we can do on a forum like IV, we share ideas only as food for thought--not as fact.
As much as we all want to know for sure, I am not saying we/they know anything for sure.
What I am saying is, I am trying to think outside the box for a minute as POSSIBLE reasons why an anticipated RS MAY have been postponed.
What do we know for sure?
A. We know Provectus mgt owns many shares (and continues buying), which confirms all current management (not all previous mgt) have skin in this PV-10, PH-10, VeniPure, Rose Bengal game.
B. We know therefore, if there MAY be any other hope to avoid RS, mgt wouldn't want a RS anymore than anybody.
What is a valuable fact to all shareholders = skin in the game.
C. If we try our best, (impossible but we can try), to put ourselves in current management's shoes, it's reasonable to want to exhaust every option before a reverse split (RS), right? Yes, it's a no brainer!
D. We know the last posted study results, whether #1 rated Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Florida, #1 rated Cancer Treatment MD Anderson in Houston TX (Uveal ocular, liver and other melanoma), Merck, TGA, In Transit melanoma, Aru Narendran Lab partner with Canada, etc. are looking quite good so far.
E. We know more study results are coming, likely very soon.
F. We know PVCT Provectus Mgt has been more liberally sharing via Twitter, re Rose Bengal PV-10 history, present and future ideas via Twitter.
G. We know companies have, and could again, fund studies or buy a company at any stock price, IF wanted.
H. We know many large investors can not however.
To be clear, I am simply brainstorming---nothing else----as to possible reasons for the mystery of why a company may step back from a much anticipated RS.
No facts here.
No facts here.
No facts here.
A forum for discussion = Investor Village
I am simply trying to put myself in mgt shoes for 1 day.
What might I try if I know PRH can, and is willing to, provide immediate funding?
What might I try, if I wonder if the coming study results COULD be enough, to not need a RS?
What might I try, if I am relatively recently learning Rose Bengal PV-10 holds the highest score, of any molecule tried for covid so far?
My conclusion is:
As a fiduciary, I must have courage to try -- I have nothing to lose!
And IF I try as fiduciary, it would sure the heck help EVERYONE if bashers stop bashing-- as least during the try.
Why would anyone, including an IV investor-basher  s h o o t    themselves in the foot
??Why not try to help avoid a RS with them, whatever their reason?
What IF it works??
PRH team and mgt. clearly have immediate funding needs met, only due to willing and wealthy purpose-driven businesspeople!
Q: What may an investor/basher stand to lose WHEN THEY STOP BASHING NOW?
A: zero to lose, only to gain 
Q: What may an investor-basher stand to GAIN TO STOP BASHING NOW now?
A: 10's or 100's of $1,000's of dollars or $millions of dollars (depending on shares not RS 10-50 times!)
Q: Why would a basher risk shooting oneself in the foot?
A: Not thinking it through (yet).
Whatever the reason to pause a RS, they clearly have immediate funding needs met,
We are wise, adaptive investors to support that unknown reason---NOT hinder it.
What if bashers-investors drop FEAR for a minute?
It is logical to believe they have a reason to try another plan FIRST before a RS.
They can always go back to a RS plan, no matter what happens!!!!
PRH only stands to gain, to exhaust all options FIRST.
I give them 11 out of 10 stars to show courage to ignore public, to try---to exhaust all options FIRST.
Every investor should run with glee ---to exhaust all options FIRST.
Think about it.  
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