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Re: Interesting Discussions

Long ago I heard about ďPV-12Ē

That research came after PV-10....,instead of iodine it was bromine/bromide...if I remember correctly. Doesnít matter. What matters was ability to cause necrosis. That study was done internally...never done in a FDA trial..,because iodine in PV-10 was already under way. Maybe itís better...maybe itís not.

Now you love to question my analysis and thesis...yet you with a PhD in biochemistry has never offered up independent theories on MOA of anything. You are the queen of commenting on trials that have occurred but never the scientist that understands what may be. You picked this fight. You got your PhD at age?.,,,25? What since then? Me? Lol...Iíll kick your ass on the science. Itís fun to watch you reply without adding anything of substance. Delve into the cascade with me...follow my logic... add in your own independent theories like me. Show me your degree means something..,I donít see it yet.

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