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Re: Interesting Discussions

This has to be one of the stupidest things I ever heard about protecting patent portfolio.

Seriously you think PV-12 and PV-14 will extend patent life....LMAO. If that is the case no drug patent will ever expires lol...BP could spend hundreds of millions by slightly varying drug concentration to protect their revenue in Billions. How do you know the clinical efficacy 10 ml of PV-12/14 is not equivalent to 12/14 ml of PV-10. If PV-12 and PV-14 is more efficacious than PV-10 why the fxxx we are doing clinical trials with PV-10. One of the basic and fundamental experiments you do as part preclinical and clinical trials is to identify best and optimal concentration before you conduct large clinical trials. PV-12/PV-14 is not the way you extend patent life of PV-10. I am 99.999999% sure USPTO will reject the application straight away.

It will be pretty hard to compete Roche in HCC unless you have huge OS benefit with our combo. I wouldn't be surprised we have few more approvals next 1-2 year in HCC. Pembrolizumab + TKI, Atezilumab + TKI and Atezilumab + Avastin combo in adjuvant setting with surgery. With every additional approval PV-10+Anti-PD1 combo value will be diminishing in HCC IMHO. With all these approvals we might have to do large pivotal trial not just 100-150 patients P2 trial for FDA approval. As I said before melanoma nightmare all over again with HCC. 12 patients in HCC combo trial and 3 sites recruiting since 03/2019....hopefully we can complete by Feb 2021 according to

Study Start Date : October 2009
Estimated Primary Completion Date : December 2020
Estimated Study Completion Date : February 2021

Vorlon did notice my post on $FOMX approval for Acne ? If you haven't here it is again
Its hard to believe there is any value in PH-10

I sincerely hope PV-10 lands in more capable hands with unlimited resources for everyone good.

Do you still think management not worried and relaxed by lack of meaningful progress from PV-10 clinical development or they worried and putting a brave face at annual meeting (acting relaxed) ? If they are not worried and don't have the urgency we have a serious problem.

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