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a hostile takeover idea


A hostile takeover BY THE PEOPLE, for the people.

1. If someone has a "a fund" (like if Dominic had a hedge fund or other created fund), and we each contributed enough to equal 18 million shares, can we then do a hostile takeover of the pvct BOD?
2. this link mentions the needed 5% ownership when initiating a hostile takeover:
3. would 5% of PVCT equal 18 million shares, that is needed in this "fund"?
3. a.  Heck if 10 people contributed 20k for 200k at .011 share price we have the needed 18 million shares right?)
4. I would trust Dominic, and would be one of the people to contribute to this fund idea, IF I know in advance that we have enough total participants to reach the 18 million shares.
5. Could this idea be among the more sure ways to successfully and more quickly enact a takeover?
I don't care who we ask, but who wants to call and ask those who have demonstrated interest in immunotherapy ......
For example:
Who wants to ask Sean Parker to toss about 50 million pennies to us to keep the trials going?

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35344 Re: a hostile takeover idea PNW why can"t shareholders place their shares into a LLC to reach that % and do what you want to accomplish DRWHO? 0 1/12/2017 4:38:23 PM

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