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Re: Is there another way to look at this?

  Thanks for the comments Electriffie and Xpizmo.
I do not favor bans.  The pot ban has caused destabilizations nationally and world wide.  Those that criminalize were/are prone to their own criminal practices.
Banning pot research is one of those practices to which I refer.
What burns and cuts is the restriction and avoidance of progress in the medical field.  This was for cause, but without reason. (common sense)  The reasons were/are obvious in retro and circumspect.
Our esteemed science community was legally restricted and any progress that could have been made, limited.  Research was banned.
Tobacco was not only tobacco.  The product was designed to be as addictive as it was possible to make it, to hook those thinking it was their choice to partake.  Even to the extent children were targeted, intending to addict them early and keep them as 'customers' going forward.  Disgusting, crude and criminal behavior, while the ceo s, with their hands raised, swore before Congress, their product was not addictive.
Did I mention the many years of agricultural subsidies, our tax money, given to the growers of this product?  Or the throat soothing benefits and Dr. endorsed advertisements, while knowing there was doubt about any health benefits?
OK.  We know all this.
But if for one minute, we think we have survived all this and are now enlightened, it isn't true.  The willful ignorance in support of medieval medical practice is perpetual.  Cancer therapy is primitive, at levels of application unchanged in half a century. 
I am glad for the progress that has been made.  But I wouldn't let the poison near me.  Cut and burn?  Fortunately I do not need to decide.
But it is my considered opinion, in the face of cancer discoveries and widening incidence, there is still promotion and favor given to traditional attitudes and treatments.
Knowing cause and effect, it is always worth following the line of action or in this case, inaction, when production and distribution of known carcinogens and behavior in promotion of these products continue only in favor of the profit motive to the exclusion of the wellness motive.  But by usurping the wellness motive, the profit motive expansion is accomplished as well. 
Buying and selling.  Living and dying.  Hand in hand. 
Pretending to care about cancer, its causes and cures is more commerce than compassion.  Smoke.  (illusion)

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