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Msg  33131 of 42303  at  7/17/2016 1:26:56 PM  by


Re: New CTD

  "PV-10 is an effective, durable, well-tolerated and cost effective treatment tool with an acceptable side effect profile for the management of unresectable in transit and locally recurrent melanoma;" however, the "cost effective treatment tool" phrase was removed from the peer-reviewed paper."
Anyone have any idea how much isolated limb infusion treatment costs?  Since the phrase "cost effective treatment tool" was used, one could assume that PV-10 is considered to be more cost effective than ILI. 
It would be interesting to see exactly what they consider to be cost effective considering (I don't believe) they aren't paying for PV10 and PVCT hasn't publicly announced a treatment cost for PV-10. 
If ILI costs $100k for treatment and PV-10 costs $60K, then their statement would remain true. If ILI costs $100k and PV-10 costs nothing more than the price of shipping because PVCT is giving it to them for free, then that's a completely erroneous statement by Princess Alexandra. 

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