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With recent advances in immunotherapy mainly with checkpoint inhibitors every major pharma is focused on combination therapy to improve response rates and overall survival.

I am wondering who will be more interested in PV-10 ?

So far BMY predicted/projected to be the leader in immuno-oncology space. Based on their pipeline and its collaborations I think BMY seem to have enough in their plate to show interest in PV-10 (my guess)

Merck: Almost Every drug in the immuno-oncology space, whether it is small molecule or biologic seem to be testing in combination with pembrolizumab.

Even though their pipeline lacks many potential combinations for Pembrolizumab they are compensated by other small/big pharma collaborations in combination therapy.

Roche-Genentech: They probably have largest pipeline in oncology space and also have collaboration with Amgen, could be to use T-vec as primer IMO.

Based on their collabation, I am kind of expecting that we might/should have collaboration with another pharma which owns PD-1/PD-L1 for those indications atleast if not more. Any evidance that shows PV-10 is better than T-vec should enhance PV-10 chances for co-development deal. I think PVCT should take a leaf out Amgen-Roche collaboration to make a strong case IMO.

That left us with with Astra Zeneca and Pfize-Merck KGaA.

Other than owning its own CTLA-4 (like BMY), Astra Zeneca doesn't have much in its pipeline.

If their PD-1+CTLA-4 doesn't have similar results to Nivo+ipi then I think they will be desperate to find some thing and also to lock it for their PD-1. Even if they have same ORR as nivo+ipi they will loose it to BMY in big time.

Although Pfizer has quite a few in their pipeline it lacks killer punch in combination therapy IMO, especially with early disappointing result with 4-1BB. It also has its own CTLA-4, but I think they might have abandoned that as they dont have chance to beat BMY with early failure of their CTLA-4 and seem to be realized it.

Also, Their collaboration with Verastem is interesting IMO, although their drug is failed in P2.

Hopefully they can make a move on PV-10+Pembrolizumab combo data. The big question is whether ORR and PFS data is sufficient to determine and convince the effectiveness or they want to look at OS data ?

Dark horse are those who are very late to the race like Celgene or the one who doesnt own any PD-1 or PDL-1 (Ex: Gilead and Abbvie). Celgene had collabarations with BMY and AZ (mainly for hematology).


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