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Re: Here is your CC question list (cumulative)

MGT is aware of this thread.
Questions for Eric:

1.) What is going on with the Australian sites?
2.) What is going on with the Central and South America sites?
3.) What is going on with the Far East Sites?
4.) Where is the liver protocol for P1b Asia?
5.) Has the IND in China been filed?
6.) When can we expect liver trials to start in China?
7.) Will you hit P3 interim late summer?
8.) Where is the PH-10 data?
9.) How is the combo study going......on time?
10.) Are the TGA requirements for approval 300 safety, interim P3, 50 Australian patient bridge study?
11.) Were you able to solve the PH-10 TOX study FDA dilemma of non existent dose dependent adverse events ?
12.) When do you estimate the TIPPING POINT will occur?
Questions for Pete:

1.) Where are the regional deals.....China, Brazil, India?
2.) Where is the grant money?
3.) How is the CEO search coming?
4.) What other no dilution methods are we pursuing for cash?
5.) What is expected burn rate for next 3 quarters?
6.) What is trigger for next cash raise, same as BDO standards or new auditors have different level?
7.) What needs to be done in order to license PH10?
8.) Will management be returning the 200,000 bonus?
9.) Are you aware of any other inquires of any kind whatsoever, governmental or private, into either the company or it's directors and or employees?

If you have anything to add then copy this page and paste in a post reply with your additions. I am sure I am missing something. Please do not comment on an additional idea without doing this as this post might get buried without others seeing the questions. Keep adding and refining and then print it off before the CC. Then ask those questions.


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