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P3 clinical trial sites

Every one is wondered why it is taking so long to bring P3 sites up and start recruiting.

I did some digging of P3 trials currently running on MD Anderson cancer center, when they actually started those trials and how long it took for IRB approvals... Here are some examples.

https://www.mdanderson.org/patients-family/search-results.html?q=phase iii&searchType=clinical trials#search-page






Most of the P3 trails on average took 1 year for IRB approval except very few. It is easy to verify this information expanding "study status" and "Resources and Links"(link to verify study start date on gov clinical trial site).

Although it seem very frustrating for everyone to see that it take this long for IRB approval (atleast at MD anderson, same thing could be true for several other sites), I have to say that this is not PVCT management fault IMO (atleast in this regard).

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