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Msg  15119 of 60147  at  6/20/2015 11:05:36 AM  by


subrosa; confidently; secretly; privately.

  <<< under the rose, from the ancient use of the rose at meetings as a symbol of the sworn confidence of the participants >>>


I find it hard to think the control of the last year isn't extendable to today.  Control being willful action by the company, the market, buyers, guides providing guidance.  

The fix is in is trite to the max.  But it was suggested earlier that this all had the look of crazy.  Like a fox?  This time it appears, possibly the fox house being guarded by foxes. 

We had been informed by the company by their not doing the usual, predictable financing they have been doing, that the usual was not being used as usual.  This financing difference was being signaled by not doing the long standing, predictable financing, reliably, according to the calendar.  I'll let the first one I know of to see it (peculiar financing behavior) say for themselves if wanted.  But it was done as it had been being done with regularity.  That made this person go humm when it didn't happen per usual.

Is this a tectonic movement that signals?  Boom.  Then comes the aftermath.  Uplifting some terra, subsiding some.    Movement, obviously different than usual.  Precursor or done?  Aftershocks or just shock?

We know about the company saying they will be making data public in a very specific calendar way, coming up.

We know about trials.  We know about combination and liver protocols coming up.  We know there is a lot of world wide chat.

We know this cancer therapy seems to be ignored.  Seams (seems) split and out comes a butterfly.

When tectonics shift, there is no hiding it and yesterday was something of that nature.

What we will be looking for going forward, is who shows up wearing a rose.  As vorlon1966 has suggested, the choice of which drug will combo with PV-10 will tell.  I anticipate they will be wearing a rose, carrying a rose bouquet and a (shoe) box filled with something sweet.
Because, ear to the ground, reading the rose petals, it is time for one to woo and the others to boohoo.


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