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10Q language re manufacturing and additional studies for AVI-5038


The Company has decided to outsource its large scale manufacturing activities. As a result, the Company has listed for sale at a sales price of $2.5 million an industrial property located in Corvallis, Oregon where it had previously intended to manufacture its product candidates and products. Selling and closing expenses are estimated to be $0.1 million. The Company has used a Level 3 fair value measure with the use of an independent appraisal to value this property.

We do not currently have the internal ability to manufacture the drug products that we need to conduct our clinical trials and we rely upon a limited number of manufacturers to supply our drug products. In addition, we rely on other third parties to perform additional steps in the manufacturing process, including filling and labeling of vials and storage of our product candidates. For the foreseeable future, we expect to continue to rely on contract manufacturers and other third parties to produce, fill vials and store sufficient quantities of our product candidates for use in our clinical trials. If our contract manufacturers or other third parties fail to deliver our product candidates for clinical use on a timely basis, with sufficient quality, and at commercially reasonable prices, and we fail to find replacement manufacturers or to develop our own manufacturing capabilities, we may be required to delay or suspend clinical trials or otherwise discontinue development and production of our product candidates. In addition, we depend on outside vendors for the supply of raw materials used to produce our product candidates. If the third-party suppliers were to cease production or otherwise fail to supply us with quality raw materials and we are unable to contract on acceptable terms for these raw materials with alternative suppliers, our ability to have our product candidates manufactured and to conduct preclinical testing and clinical trials of our product candidates would be adversely affected.
We do not yet have all of the agreements necessary for the supply of our product candidates in quantities sufficient for commercial sale and we may not be able to establish or maintain sufficient commercial manufacturing arrangements on commercially reasonable terms. Securing commercial quantities of our product candidates from contract manufacturers will require us to commit significant capital and resources. We may also be required to enter into long-term manufacturing agreements that contain exclusivity provisions and/or substantial termination penalties. In addition, contract manufacturers have a limited number of facilities in which our product candidates can be produced and any interruption of the operation of those facilities due to events such as equipment malfunction or failure or damage to the facility by natural disasters could result in the cancellation of shipments, loss of product in the manufacturing process or a shortfall in available product candidates.

Several third parties provide services in connection with our preclinical and clinical development programs, including in vitro and in vivo studies, assay and reagent development, immunohistochemistry, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, clinical assessments, data monitoring and management and statistical analysis and other outsourced activities. If these service providers do not adequately perform the services for which we have contracted or cease to continue operations and we are not able to quickly find a replacement provider or we lose information or items associated with our product candidates, our development programs may be delayed.

Our RNA-based platform, utilizing proprietary antisense technology, has not been incorporated into a commercial product and is still at a relatively early stage of development. This antisense technology is used in all of our therapeutic candidates, including AVI-4658. We are conducting toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and other preclinical studies and, although we have initiated clinical trials for AVI-4658, additional studies may be required before other similar product candidates enter human clinical trials. For example, we noted unexpected toxicology findings in the kidney as part of our series of preclinical studies for AVI-5038, our lead preclinical PPMO drug candidate for DMD that is based on a different chemistry, derived from the PMO chemistry used in AVI-4658. Based on those findings, we are conducting additional preclinical work to help clarify the therapeutic index of AVI-5038, which will guide decision making on continued development of this candidate. In addition, preclinical models to study patient toxicity and activity of compounds are not necessarily predictive of toxicity or efficacy of these compounds in the treatment of human disease and there may be substantially different results in clinical trials from the results obtained in preclinical studies. Any failures or setbacks utilizing our antisense technology, including adverse effects resulting from the use of this technology in humans, could have a detrimental impact on our internal product candidate pipeline and our ability to maintain and/or enter into new corporate collaborations regarding these technologies, which would negatively affect our business and financial position.

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