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Re: Schmiggins concern about the "other shoe" to drop

Thanks. I do kind of remember that about the measuring method being unusual (and, naturally, giving them better looking results as a result). The delay would seem to confirm that idea.

Funny how WE are the butt of all scepticism and yet WE are the only ones making any real progress and selling our drugs to real people in the marketplace. Funny how that works.

Our media these days are so corrupt on so many levels it's amazing. It's like they unconsciously choose the WRONG thing to do at every turn in the road. Weird. The short sellers are the only ones making money seven times out of ten in terms of stock behavior, and I wonder if that is what is funding all the negative press.

The buy and holders certainly aren't trying to manipulate the press - there's no money in it. On great news every now and then (the timing of which is 90% predictable anyway) the stock jumps up like mad. But then what? No money is to be made until the next blockbuster news moment. The real money then, rather, is to be made taking it down (and up and down and up and down etc etc).

The biotech press does it's job in that game perfectly all the time. Unconsciously? Or are they making money in this tired game too?

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