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Research idea for Piney: Aquaporin

Nice old fashioned color annual reports that you can print out too! (Sarepta should do this too someday!)

I learned about this Danish water purification company over the weekend from a WSJ article from I think Saturday of last week - 10 days ago.

It uses an existing biological protein system that allows only pure H2O thru the wall of a cell. Apparently they have big plans and already sell home systems (according the few paragraphs - if that! - that talked about it).

The site is above and my question is: Is this tech unique, patented, and feasible on a large scale, and are there better ways to purify water in the works by others? Now that I think about it, the article was condensed from a new book by the former head of MIT who is a biologist (the first to have headed MIT) and his book is about the future of technology being a morphing of biology and engineering. (Probably a good book to buy). But so few people on the planet have easy access to fresh pure water it really is an idea - that if their technology is as good as it seems - it would be a nice SECOND company for me to invest in ... whenever they issue stock!!! It could be something to turn my attention to once Sareta's science becomes too advanced for me to follow!! Maybe you could turn your research mania to it too!

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