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Msg  37892 of 37894  at  5/23/2016 12:57:04 PM  by


Here we go again

Another STKL failure to pile on top of the numerous others. Now its soybeans, before that strawberries, Cellulosic ethanol and on and on. The path is strewn with companies that have been bought and later sold at a loss. Management can buy sales but they have to earn profits. That is something they have never learned how to do. About all they are good for is collecting salaries and bonuses. How about that 10 million dollar cost reduction program they undertook several years ago. How did that work out. The only cost reduction program that will ever work for STKL would be if they fired the entire management team along with their bloated salaries which they should all be ashamed of collecting over all these years. Still hoping that some day this company will be bought out by someone who knows what they are doing. First on the agenda should be to fire all the worthless/useless people who are responsible for STKL's poor performance.

As always, all just my humble opinion.


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