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Re: Rinse & Repeat / "Made, Not Mined (TM)" / "Top" fine jewelry source ?

"Made, Not Mined (TM)".
OK, that gets a point across, succinctly. I'll give them that. But, is it an attractive  tagline, that elicits emotions in jewelry consumers ? And how does it differentiate C&C (as a jewelRY retailer), when everybody is offering lab jewels in their jewelry offerings ? Is there some aspect of C&C selling  only lab (featured/main) jewels, that C&C can use as differentiation versus retailers that sell mined and lab jewels in jewelry ? Would (many) consumers actually choose to buy jewelry from a (basically unknown) retailer that only sells lab jewels, versus a well known reputable big name retailer that sells mined jewels but also offers lab jewels now ? Seems unlikely, and a hard marketing angle to leverage. ("Don't buy lab jewel jewelry from a retailer that also sells mined jewel jewelry" ?)  
"Exquisite, and Ethical."  I am NOT saying that would be great. It is less clear regarding the message. But at least it is closer to being an emotional message.  
<<<"Don and his team have worked diligently to establish Charles & Colvard as one of the industry's top sources of fine jewelry.>>>
Huh ?  OK, they worked (at least a bit, I assume, despite lack of results).  
But....."top" ????   In what way, shape, or form is C&C a "TOP source of fine jewelry" ?  Certainly not in sales (unless there is a huge surprise coming in the results !). Not brand recognition. I don't see anything in the products (designs, styles) to call top. CADIA is not a top lab D brand name. C&C certainly is not top in retail operations (online or otherwise).  I can't wait to see Lytham back up that "top" statement. I hope they surprise me. (But I am guessing they used a vague term on purpose.  Even made it "one of the ...top", so more vague.)  
C&C needs to produce something an investor relations firm can help communicate. Will this quarterly report finally give us some indication C&C is producing something ? 

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