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The death of brick-and-mortar is 'extraordinarily exaggerated'

<<<"The vast majority — about 85% — of retail in the U.S. happens in physical stores. More stores in 2021 opened than closed.">>>
We need to have our product (M jewels in some brand's jewelry, and/or C&C jewelRY, M or lab D) in front of people where they shop....B&M stores mostly. 
I know it is maybe more cost effective to sell online. But it isn't the best way to grow the business in leaps and bounds (instead of a painful trickle), which is what the owners (CTHR holders) of this company need.   
We need lines of C&C (Signature?) jewelRY in the B&M stores of all the big mainstream fine jewelry sellers.  A self-run store inside the C&C headquarters ain't gonna cut it. Can it serve as proof of concept to justify actual (cost effective) C&C B&M stores in high profile lactations, or better yet to convince the big fine jewelers they can make money running C&C/M centric stores, or stores-within-a-store, or at least add C&C jewelry to their current cases ? Let's see proof.  
We can't be settling for targeting 15% of the possible market, we need 100%.  
<<<in-store sales continue to rise, climbing 11.1% year-over-year in July and up 13.9% from 2019. On the other hand, e-commerce sales grew at a slower pace than total retail sales in the second quarter. >>>
Some of that is a rebound from the COVID period of shoppers not going out. But it is mostly because B&M store shopping is and will be the vast majority for the foreseeable future. 
And this article is about products in general, and mainly mainstream goods, not necessarily fine jewelry, or fine jewelry featuring never-seen-seen jewels (M and C&C's lab D).  I have to imagine the desire to see a product in person, and judge its quality, is even stronger for fine jewels/jewelry. So we are not even targeting 15%. 

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