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Msg  38978 of 38986  at  9/30/2021 1:47:36 PM  by


Charles & Colvard Begins Construction On Its First Signature Showroom Retail Location

<<< has broken ground on its first Charles & Colvard Signature Showroom, located within its corporate headquarters in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. >>> 
It sounded weird when I heard it. Now it sounds weird when I read it.   
I am guessing they are doing this at headquarters because they can contain costs, and use it as a learning experience. But how productive could it be, without being in a stellar retail location ?  
I've long wanted to see flagship store(s), to showcase our moissanite, but in highly visible locations of high end retailing, and executed in partnership with an experienced jewelry retail entity. C&C shouldn't be learning (on shareholders dime) how to do B&M retailing, they should be leveraging the expertise of those entities who know retailing, and C&C should be focussed on raising awareness about our M jewel. (We still need M to be known and desired. C&C is NEVER going to succeed based on lab D. And C&C cannot be just another jewelRY retailer, omni-channel or otherwise. C&C needs to be about M, first and foremost. Nothing else sets C&C apart.) 
We need flagship stores in NYC, Beverly Hills, and the like. Somewhere they can grab attention, and prove M belongs. Yes, I get it.......that might be too expensive. For C&C alone. That (along with capability and experience) is why retail stores should be a partnership.  
Remember the three most important things in business.  LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.  If you can't do it right, it is probably a mistake to do it.  
<<<Stylists will guide customers through an intimate shopping journey designed to educate and inspire>>>
Which is what the Moi Moi girls started doing many, many years ago.  It is a good idea, for introducing consumers to the moissanite jewel. It can be leveraged to attract consumers into the store. But nobody needs to be "educated" about D, even lab D (which folks assume looks like mined D). Why would anybody attend a session to be "educated" about a known item (D, lab D) ?  
<<<utilize this space to develop new designs and build assortments for retail partners and for specialty events such as trunk shows>>>
That part makes sense, if it works. But it is probably better left to the actual retailers to handle these functions. 
<<<This first Signature Showroom gives us an opportunity to develop an ideal retail store concept and create a curated brand experience for the customer within a fully owned and operated retail store. >>>
Hopefully this "opportunity to develop" results in encouraging other (real, capable) jewelry retailers into making C&CM a part of their business/stores, using the concept and brand experience demonstrated by C&C.  
BUT, maybe Don can build a chain of C&C (jewelry) stores across the USA and beyond,  cost-effectively, and finally grow C&C (CTHR) by orders (multiple orders) of magnitude, to where it should be already, and finally reward actual investors.  I'd love to see it. But I need to SEE it to believe it. 

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