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Re: More stock giveaways

Good points.  Glad to see you post your thoughts. 
Marginal gains ? More like marginal regain of a small portion of what was lost in the PPS.
This BOI has been discussing for many years, that they MUST get our JEWEL into the mainstream fine jewelry industry, with large B&M (and online) retailers marketing and selling C&CM/FO jewelRY.   THAT is the make or break criteria by which Mgt should be measured. THAT is the ONLY way C&C will ever sell a huge amount of M, enough to reward shareholders adequately for taking the chance of investing in C3/C&C pursuing the opportunity of the M jewel. 
Yes, reasonable size deals, not tiny deals. Not million dollar deals, but deals of tens and hundreds of millions per deal. They will never get to billions sold, by deals of a million.....and certainly not by selling items one at a time by themselves online. And this jewel should be selling in billions.
Yes, the only way they are going to generate proper awareness (given C&C's lack of talent and resources), is to make deals where large reputable fine jewelry retailers are pushing the correct message (best/top fine jewel, not "ethical" alternative for those who cannot afford D).
Sometimes it seems like they probably aren't even in the office enough to have time for meetings, let alone actual work. If they are there, what are they wasting their time doing ?......because it does not show in any results. (Sales are STILL at tiny PATHETIC levels. Embarrassing levels.) 
Functioning as a jewelRY company, mainly online retail (whether their own or fulfillment), is NEVER going to generate the sales levels they should be able to generate with this jewel.
Yes, somebody (especially suzanne and Goldman), and in fact everybody (otherwise why are they employed at C&C?), needs to be held accountable for getting our JEWEL into the mainstream jewelry industry, and selling huge amounts of JEWELS into that industry. THAT is the pass/fail criteria for everyone at C&C.  THAT is the only thing that can accomplish the mission that was funded by the investors who funded this company. Stop wasting resources on other ill-conceived initiatives, all of which (quite discussed here) have failed. 

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