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Re: dems and tagr are ludicrous

I do not think smart enough to understand greenhouse gas global warming rhetoric. They say it is proven scientifically and I should shut my mouth. All human or any animal activity are thermogenic and produce some heat around but it supposed to dissipate right away but those dissipating CO2 gas reach high in atomosphere disrupting ozone zone permitting ultraviolet wave filter through in abundance thus radiating earth with vingence resulting global warming, to the extent that some prominent politician or scientists proclaiming end of earth in 10 -15 years unless we stop now and star green energy. Colleges and high schools are following these nonsense thesis, becoming political power block.

So, I want someone tell me how they discovered CO2 up there. If indeed it pushed up that high altitude, what force did pushing. Was it frozen CO2? may come down to earth with weight, not go up. I heard they used thermographis spectrometer radar scan etc. CO2 is heavier molecule than oxygen. Analogy to greenhouse phenomen is a stretch since roof ceiling makes it as sealed box vs cosmo…Air polution is a different issue, not to be confused with global warming.

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