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Msg  782298 of 785416  at  1/12/2019 1:57:11 PM  by


Just a suggestion for Rambus Marketing

Last Summer, when Micron announced they were entering production of GDDR6, which included the news that Micron was working with Rambus on the PHY, I noticed this condescending reporting in the Press.

In fact, the only partner mentioned in Micron’s press release is Rambus, and the less said about Rambus the better. (Fun fact: If you light candles in the shape of a pentagram and say “DDR” three times in a mirror, Rambus’ legal counsel appears and sues you for patent infringement.)


Now that Nvidia has entered production using GDDR6, perhaps Rambus Marketing should consider going out and visiting the morons at ExtremeTech (and other hostile tech rags) and explain to them how Rambus’s GDDR6 Phy significantly improves performance, as demonstrated in Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX product line (for example).

And my guess is the morons at Extreme Tech never read the DOJ Plea agreements where a PRICE FIXING CARTEL plead guilty, paid a fine with jail time, which included RDRAM.

In any event, I doubt Rambus marketing will do anything to help promote the image of Rambus and GDDR performance, but here is one of the Laptop manufactures who made an announcement at CES that they will be using Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX GDDR6 product line.




Is Dell a big enough name?

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