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IoT development board with Cortex-M4

<<May 14, 2018
The board provides extensive connectivity including the Rigado R41Z IEEE 802.15.4 wireless module with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee protocols, based on the NXP Kinetis KW41Z MCU. A SX-ULPGN 802.11b / g / n Silex module with built -in 16Mb SPI flash provides a wireless gateway that supports Internet protocols, cloud service support, and the Qualcomm QCA4010 Wi-Fi IoT SoC integrated security module uses. With an NFC readerbased on the NXP CLRC663, HANI also simplifies the development of reading or physical web devices or devices that enable a simple Bluetooth connection.>>
Here's why it's relevant to Rambus:
<< In terms of specifics, the Rambus demo spotlights a smart city application and includes the Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 820 processor and QCA4010 Wi-Fi chip which connects to an IoT cloud service using a protected link. The Rambus technology enables seamless security-focused features that includes mutual authentication and encrypted communication to protect IoT devices from being exploited by hackers in malicious botnets. The technology is also designed to help prevent the IoT cloud service from being attacked by cloned devices.>>

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