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Re: EE Times on Risc-V

<<“The semiconductor industry faced some of its biggest security issues this year with recent vulnerabilities, and the potential to encounter additional security flaws will not go away any time soon as more IoT devices enter the market,” said Abhi Dugar, an IoT security analyst for International Data Corp., speaking in a Rambus press release.

“To address existing and new threats, establishing trust at the hardware level will be critical, and a secure siloed core can help ensure that this new generation of devices can be protected from security flaws.”>>

To connect the dots in the EE Times article above, we can see that Rambus is "siloing"
the security within the chip and NXP is supporting a standalone chip.  The article goes
on to infer that standalone chips are expensive.
Rambus' siloing could be really important here.  NXP looks concerned that Rambus'
less expensive solution (yet effective according to IDT) could become a real threat
to NXP.   
And as I said in this post below, Rambus' solution could even be better than ARM's.  
So in a market as huge as IoT, that could be huge.  For those who don't see the
potential, they're not putting it all together. 

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