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Re: Today

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Re: Today

sabatino, thanks.
With regard to Rambus' UPP platform (a little similar to Amazon Go),
pilots should be announced by this summer from some Asia Pacific
 *Pilot means test- after test then rollout- that could be 2 years away if ever
Also, the buffer division is on track for $35 - $40 million this year - that's
because they doubled their OEM validations since last year.   I believe
that buffer revenue was $21 million last year.
* A 20 million increase over a 400 million base is just 5% additional revenue
Also, DDR5 buffer customer engagements are expected to be announced
next year - they're hoping to have the pole position there.  If so, that could
mean a 10X increase in buffer revenue between 2017 to 2022 - to say that's
meaningful growth is an understatement.
* Have not seen anything for 2017 nor 2018  10X growth off 1 million base is just 10 million
That's not much growth over 5 years?
Did anyone think about how President Trump's crackdown on China could
affect Montage's buffer business in this country?
Did anyone check the dearth of Montage's buffer IP relative to Rambus'? 

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