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Ron Black at the Softbank Technology Forum about six weeks ago

The translation is a little sketchy.
Also, check Mitsufuji toward the bottom: 

On the trend of IoT security in Europe and the US and partnership with SBT group

The first guest is Dr. Ron Black, CEO of Rambus Inc., USA.

Thank you for coming today from the United States. As soon as possible, could you introduce Rambus (Rambus)?

Mr. Black:
Rambus Corporation was founded in 1990 and has offered technology for storing images at high speed to Nintendo and Sony's gaming machines. After that, I acquired Cryptography Research and started the IoT security service. The basis of the service is to provide a technology to make data transfer between the data center and the edge device faster, smarter and safer. For example, Apple Pay used on iPhone, backend system adopts our technology.

Rambus, which has supported the certification of various edge devices such as automobiles for various settlements and IoT equipment, is also familiar with cases such as incidents and accidents related to social infrastructure and IoT products. However, cases concerning security are rarely published in many cases, but can you tell me where possible?

Mr. Black:
A survey result that about 70% of the devices on the market are vulnerable is announced by HP in 2014. In fact, there are cases in which 43,000 cameras have been recalled due to the vulnerability of web cameras manufactured by Chinese electronics manufacturers. In addition, D - LINK sold security - related routers and cameras, and sued by the Fair Trade Commission of the United States. In addition, 156 emergency alert systems were hacked in Dallas, and 1.3 million residents were attacked by sirens repeatedly. In this case, residents became more concerned about the state government of Dallas, which operates an emergency reporting system that is easily hacked.

70% is an amazing number. Even if it is only the case that it became news, if we are suffering so much damage, will not it become a more serious problem in the future? What kind of security measures are taken by the US and European governments against this problem?

Mr. Black: As a
government, we have a sense of crisis that, unless we focus on security measures in the industrial field, the order of IoT itself will collapse. The United States government cooperated with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party two months ago to propose a bill on security measures. In that bill, security functions are essential for products sold to the government. As another interesting trend, the US Department of Defense has promoted the cyber security group, which had previously been low in the organization, to the highest level, assuming a cyber war.
Protection of personal information is a top priority in one Europe. In the EU, if you leak customer information etc., you have to pay a high penalty. As a countermeasure to that, strengthening of security is required.

Truth: I
understand the situation in the US and Europe well. While strengthening countermeasures against cyber attacks at the national level, what kind of role will Rambus Company play in terms of IoT security?

Mr. Black:
We will promote cooperation between CryptoManager and the secure IoT platform to securely protect end devices and data, establish secure connectivity and manage the device security lifecycle. We expect SOFTBANK TECHNOLOGY GROUP and Cyber ​​Trust to protect IoT equipment and its data globally.

Efforts toward building management systems in the IoT era

The second person's interview is Mr. Yosuke Kami who is head of Information Engineering Division Takenaka Corporation. I talked about the building management system required for the IoT era with examples.

True: In the
IoT era, how will the building management system evolve?

Shinja : The building management system in the IoT era aimed for by Takenaka Corporation is to make the state of the building visible using the cloud, to provide personal control and demand response with flexibility and real-time nature. However, sophistication of the building management system is also a matter of concern. It symbolizes that the videos released on this youtubeis.

When the building management system is hacked, the unlimited damage that you want to do, such as the invader game being projected by the lighting of the lighting, happens. Devices related to current building facilities and control are vulnerable.

This is a serious problem. I think that it will be necessary to take measures to prevent it from being attached to these vulnerabilities.

Shinja : So I decided to carry out a demonstration experiment to diagnose vulnerability of IoT equipment. From November to December 2017, we will cooperate with SoftBank Technology and Cybertrust over 2 months to diagnose unauthorized access to data processing and authentication information. Detects vulnerabilities and potential security factors hidden in devices and controllers.

Makoto: As to
security, it seems natural that an event does not occur, so vulnerability diagnosis leading to the prevention of damage will be important as a proactive effort.

Mr. Shinjin:
Based on the results of the demonstration experiment, we would like to jointly develop security measures for building management systems and collaborate on developing solutions for the EMS market, including building management systems.

Utilization of safe and secure biological information by wearable wearable device "hamon ® "

The last interview is Mr. Atsushi Saniside, President and Representative Director of Mitsuji Fuji Co., Ltd. Founded as a Nishijin textile factory in Kyoto, the company develops and manufactures Life Intelligence "Unravel human's unknown with biological information" products and services as the only wearable IoT company that provides the world's only textiles to services.

Your company has evolved from textile manufacturers to IoT makers based on conductive silver-plated fibers developed in the 1990s, but as early as possible, we have been working on uploading biometric information to the cloud safely, taking personal information as personal information. It is.

Mr. Sanji:
Originally we developed silver-plated fibers 25 years ago and made hamon, a wearable device that can acquire biological information by utilizing Nishijyo weave's weaving technology. I think that it is quick to see what kind of biological information can actually be taken.

We securely protected this personal data called biometric data, decided to adopt a secure IoT platform to prevent impersonation and cloud access authentication for encrypted communication.

We have talked with a number of manufacturers of vital sensors, but this was the first time I met a manufacturer who is considering security as important. I got a very valuable opportunity and decided to cooperate.

Mr. Sanji: In
CES 2018 to be held in Las Vegas next January, we will be exhibiting at Cyber ​​Trust and introduce about strengthening hamon's security aspect.

Makoto: I
'm looking forward to it. Thank you for your time today.

In the days when PCs were designed and manufactured led by manufacturers, companies that provide security like us had guaranteed the safety and security of the users as a service after the products were shipped .
However, when entering the IoT era, the lifecycle of the device will be longer than the PC, and it will become more widely penetrated into society. And unlike PCs that only standards and specifications have been defined by certain companies such as Apple and Microsoft to Intel, many manufacturers will incorporate IoT equipment into products such as automobiles, household appliances and smart homes so that they can be commercialized . As a result, if there is vulnerability in the embedded IoT equipment, there is a danger of encountering a cyber attack from all over the world, causing serious damage.

In order not to cause such damage, it is important to create a mechanism that can identify safety from the manufacturing stage of the chip. Secure IoT platform provides robust key and certification for each layer of IoT, realizing lifecycle management of IoT equipment, and providing ecosystem that realizes rich IoT society.

※ This article is an article on the lecture at Softbank Technology Forum 2017 held on November 22, 2017.


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