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The Netherlands Tests Stores Without Cash Registers


Store without cash is really to


It may take a year, but the first store is really in the Netherlands without cash to arrive. Supermarket Albert Heijn wants to do a test at the end of 2018 some AH to go stores. Customers can then pack stuff in the shop and run away, the settlement automatically.

Which technique Albert Heijn will use is not yet known. "Initially the pilot project focuses on the AH to go stores as speed and convenience stores at which is already important," says a spokesman. Ordinary Albert Heijn stores are temporarily not turn.

more interest

According to Rambus, a company that tests do with pinless payment, says that in our country and abroad more interest from supermarkets and petrol stations. "When the first store without a cash register is in Netherlands? That depends on the success of the test phase, but I think the middle of next year", says André Stoorvogel Rambus.

There are several ways to register the purchases: for example, with sensors on all shelves - what does require high investments - or customers can scan with your smartphone, and then pay the app.

What could also: that cameras record everything and leaving the store you pay automatically.



But how is that then if you overdrawn? You can also just leave the store with a basket full of groceries? Stoorvogel: "That problem can be overcome by pre clarify whether there is enough money in the account if you are going to fill up an unmanned petrol station, you must first swipe stop it, then checking the system or at least 120 euros.. you are the account. If not, you can not fill. "

Amazon already test


US internet retailer Amazon has been testing a store where customers do not need to be scanned. If the mobile phone of the customer is known, which records all the products in the basket. Also keep cameras and sensors to monitor what items you bring. Upon leaving the store will be automatically paid.>>

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