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Re: Qualcomm's Comments on Rambus' Technology

I agree with most of those comments and likewise feel that it is more truth than speculation.


In my opinion, the Apple vs Qualcomm dispute has now escalated into a full out war and I continue to believe it’s more about future 5G licensing (and the markets surrounding that) than the current stated legal issues. I have no doubt that Qualcomm’s expansion into other markets is making Apple, Samsung and Intel very nervous. No doubt there is political collusion against Qualcomm imo. (I also believe that Apple’s leverage against Qualcomm would have been far greater if Hillary had won the election.)


In regards to how this might relate to Rambus, after this week’s CryptoManager press releases I am far more encouraged that Qualcomm is continuing to move forward with CryptoManager in terms of third party usage (not just internal usage) and Qualcomm may have some significant strategic third party plans for it in the future.


I continue to believe that Qualcomm’s license with Rambus highly favors Qualcomm but given Qualcomm’s current conflict with Apple, I can’t help but wonder why Qualcomm would not want to block Apple (and maybe Intel) from gaining access (via licensing) to Rambus’s security technology?


And if I was Apple or Intel, why would I not want to acquire some intellectual property (i.e. CryptoManger) that has been embedded within the Snapdragon mobile platform? Especially if Qualcomm has some future plans for using it with third parties?


In any event, the above is just some more speculation.



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