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Msg  766350 of 770367  at  4/21/2017 10:25:35 AM  by


Samsung Galaxy S8


Looks like Qualcomm’s 835 has finally hit the market via Samsung, starting today.


The Galaxy S8 is by far Samsung’s best phone yet, and it probably the best new Android smartphone you can buy right now.


This is total speculation on part but even though Qualcomm started using the CryptoManger core in the 820 for themselves internally (i.e. feature configuration, inventory control etc.,) perhaps the 835 is the first Qualcomm chip that will offer the CryptoManager core to third party developers.


My speculation is based on Qualcomm’s efforts to market their new device attestation feature.


Here is a Qualcomm press release highlighting Samsung’s use of the 835 in the Galaxy S8. Note the comments about device attestation.


The Snapdragon 835 also features the Qualcomm Haven™ security platform with enhanced security for biometrics and device attestation, which can be experienced in the Galaxy S8.

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