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DDR4's Pseudo-Open-Drain-Logic

Will be used in DDR4:
<< In addition, DDR4 SDRAMs will not use stub-series terminated logic drivers. Instead, they’ll use pseudo-open drain (POD) drivers with Vdd terminations. DDR4 memories also have new features to improve signal integrity. They’ll use data-bit inversion (DBI, more on that below), on-chip parity detection for the command/address bus, and CRC error detection for the data.>>
Rambus is working on PODL:
<< 4. The method of claim 3, wherein driving the values which substantially minimize an amount of power involves: driving a high-voltage value on a data line having a Pseudo-Open-Drain-Logic (PODL) termination; and driving a voltage value which was previously transmitted on an unterminated data line. >>

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