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MEMS, Mirasol, Imagine Designs, TV, and Patents

 Mirasol MEMS displays are intended mainly for eReaders.  They use reflected light for viewing, kinda like reading your newspaper.  Some of the products using mirasol.


The best MEMs TV solution to date is the TI DLP. 

I own a Samsung 63” DLP and the image is great.   But being a projection system, it’s rather fat. 

Imagine Designs’ MEMS is also a projection system.  Their patent attempts to improve on the TI patents/solution.

Imagine Designs Patent Portfolio:  (Interesting diversity, huh?  I love the Infuser Tea Pot).

4,662,039     General     Gripping Device
4,855,884     Lighting     Variable Beamwidth Stage Light
4,862,336     Lighting     Dimorphic Truss Unit
4,891,738     Lighting     Selectable Aperture Module
4,914,556     Lighting     Spectral Filter Module
4,984,143     Lighting     Color Filter Module
D324,431     Lighting     Stage Spotlight
5,126,886     Lighting     Scrolling Primary Color Changer
5,176,442     Lighting     Infra-Red Coupling Mechanism for a Light projector
5,249,111     Lighting     Reflector for use with Spotlight
5,425,678     Bicycle     Elastic Joint Derailleur
5,457,291     Construction     Sound-Attenuating Panel
5,924,336     Bicycle     Hollow Bicycle Crankshaft
6,048,081     Lighting     Beam Divergence & Shape Control Module
6,142,652     Lighting     Color Filter Module for Projected Light
6,481,809     Computer     Sliding Module for Computer Components
6,502, 961     Lighting     Conical Lens Array to Control Projected Light
6.565,233     Lighting     Color, Size & Distribution Module for Projected Light
6,643,127     Computer     Laptop & Docking Station System
6,924,945     Lighting     Compact Light Collection System
6,953,270     Lighting     Universal Automated Yoke
6,974,232     Lighting     Compact Lighting System w/Improved Light
7,219,600     Household     Infuser Tea Pot
7,341,363     Lighting     Retractable Clamping Device
7,499,206     Displays     TIR Light Valve

Note: Might take a while to load the Waybackmachine:

It’s obvious that the last patent listed, “TIR Light Valve“, is the Imagine Designs MEMS device.  Again, it’s a light reflection solution. 

Here’s the patent:


A light valve that switches light does so by enabling and disabling total internal reflection (TIR) on a surface of the light valve. The disabling of the TIR is accomplished by putting another optical element in contact with the surface and then diffusing or changing the direction of the light. These valves may be used in an array for a projection system or one at a time. The mechanical mechanism to move the optical element is simple in that it only moves the optical element a small distance to change the valve from an on position to an off position……

Field of Invention

….. The MEMS mirror array type of light valve is disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,566,935; 4,596,992; 4,615,595; 4,662,746; 4,710,732; 4,956,619; and 5,028,939; all by inventor Larry Hornbeck of Texas, and assigned to Texas Instruments (TI) of Texas. The TI patents are the foundation of the technology that is used by most manufacturers of TVs and computer projection displays. The TI technology uses an array of MEMS mirrors that change their incidence angle to the light path to switch the light from an off position to an on position. When the mirror is in the on position, the mirror reflects the light through the optical path. When the mirror is in the off position, the light is reflected to a path that falls outside the projection optics. This in effect turns the light valve to an off state.

Mitsubishi is probably the largest supplier of MEMS DLP TVs. including some measuring 83”, and at a very reasonable price.  (Competitive with some 55” LCD TVs).  But being a projection system, the TVs are quite fat.

And obviously, MEMs based TV does not require backlighting.


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