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Re: OT Obamacare

As funny as the Maxine comments are, some guy's response was just as good:
Overheard in the congressional back room:

( ) I'm not going to read it again. I didn't understand it the first three times. We will assume that whatever changes got in are just fine.

( ) I have three cocktail napkins here with no check marks. Did they get into the bill, or not?

( ) Jim's guys like version A, and John's guys like version B. I don't know what the differences are. Just put them both in, and the courts will work out the differences.

( ) Just make sure that none of the section copies are upside down or backwards.

( ) OK. All 50 are here, and each has read his or her section. Right? Has anyone not read their section? Anyone? Come on people. If you haven't read your section, then speak up now. Anyone? OK. Any problems? Anyone? Let's work together here, people.

( ) The funding in III.a.5.(c) doesn't match the support-flow in II.c.1.(a)-1 plus the reserve in II.c.3.(b). But, I don't know how II.c.3.(b) is derived. Who would know about that?

( ) I'm quite interested in how this will all work out, from an academic perspective. It is fascinating. Of course, my health plan is Government Health B, not affected by this legislation.
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