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Msg  9891 of 44313  at  9/25/2007 9:25:58 PM  by


'tis goodbye

Hi, guys and gals. This will be my last post on InvestorVillage for a while. Patrick and I spoke for the first time recently and the gist of it is... he asked me if I wanted to come work for Overstock and -- forgetting to put an appropriate pause for effect -- I accepted enthusiastically. We agreed that posting on message boards might create the appearance of a conflict of interest. And that an announcement here, where I do most all of my posting, would be best. It seems only the right thing to do.

Now, one way to interpret this news is that he didn't like my posts and this was the quickest, most effective way to stop them(!) I hope not. Likely, the usual suspects will come up with novel scenarios for what happened, why, etc. They will have the added satisfaction of having their pet theories go unchallenged by me.  I will only point out that they have never come clean with any scenario, plausible or otherwise, for their own reasons to post here or elsewhere. Except that they are good samaritans, bent on, umm... helping us investors see the error of our ways. I think my reasons for being here were always articulated fully and now with this added wrinkle, I should stop.

But enough about them. I have enjoyed being here, for the quality of what was written and the the people who wrote them. I got to talk to many in PMs and with a few, meet in other settings. I hope to continue that as much as possible.

My one regret is that this comes at a time when there has been a palpable shift in the mood here. Instead of the siege mentality that comes naturally when being attacked on so many fronts... there is the satisfaction of hardly a week going by without some encouraging news and a sense that the tide is turning. And having these developments reflected in the stock price. In short, I was hoping to soon be "magnanimous in victory" in my posts here but I guess not. On the other hand I get to "double-down" on my investment in a very novel and unexpected way.

One last note --  rather than what and whether I posted here, it was contacts made here and interactions that got started (Judd, first and foremost) and their impression of what I could bring to Overstock that got this going. In that spirit I should also thank all the bashers who harped on the subject of me being paid/told what to post by Overstock. While never true, maybe that had a hand in getting the conversation started, too.

Not much else to say, other than it's been a great time and best wishes to all,

Evren Karpak

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