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Re: Bumper Stickers For Sale


Did that really happen to Sam? It is one of those stories I always meant to read up on, but never got the time.

If he or Rashomon ever post anything worthwhile, someone please re-post it (I have them on ignore, but admit that there is a logical possibility that someday, they post something worthy of response). Until then, folks, please feel free to use the following responses in replying to any of their blather. I mean it: if they keep typing the same inane questions, over and over again, just copy and paste one of these as my response. You do not even have to give me credit.

1) Judd: They make much fuss about Judd, without knowing what they are talking about. Yes, he once working for Jeb Bush, but they miss that before he did that, he was, in fact, a reporter. A normal, honest, Clark Kent sort of journalist, actually. Journalist 1.0. Then he became a press guy for Jeb Bush (and helped defrock a bent reporter in Florida: she was subsequently fired). Then he became a 2.0 journalist, and started and sold a couple web sites. One of them, businessjive.com, did interviews with business guys. He did one with me in the autumn of 2005, and it stretched into a longer conversation. He put them up on Businessjive.com. Then I spent my Christmas vacation holed up in a hotel room narrating some Powerpoints, "Dark Side of the Looking Glass," which he offered to host for free on Businessjive.com. I did not pay him for this. Then he spent about 9 months selling his company, and working for the new owner, but taking as his hobby a kind of cat-a-mouse game with Gary and his minions, all over the Internet. These Tools of Satan left IP footprints all over Wikipedia and Yahoo and other places that Judd was able to unscramble and connect. He built an enourmous map of their connections. It turns out that some of them trace back to a woman in my distant past (see wikipediareview.com for details). All of this was done on his own, and while we had occasional conversations about it, I doubt if, in all those months, we met more than a few times, or spoke more than a dozen or two dozen times.
In the process of all of this, he became quite astute about Web 2.0 and the way some had learned to hijack the discourse. In August he approached me about developing an alternative. I agreed, and he joined Overstock. However, due to a fluke I had to reassign him the day he joined to oversee our car tab, which was in development for September - November. He only returned to developing his own new social media tab sometime in late September (we got Cars live in mid-December). Judd's new site has, in fact, gone live, but under a different name in a back-corner of the internet, while we work out its rough edges. Someday soon you will see it go live as our newest tab.
Oh yes: somewhere in there (after Judd was already working for us) I became aware of ASM. I asked him about it: he suggested that he had a right to expect a "Don't ask don't tell" policy regarding his research and writing. I pointed out to Judd that, if he were involved, he could not be doing anything on our company time, and that he must refrain from doing anything to discuss Overstock from and investment point of view. Only a month or two later, when it began to draw attention, did he confirm his involvement to me. All the questions about "Do you know this guy in Orem who knows this guy and do you fund this or that" are all non-starters. Overstock and I have precisely 0 to do with AntiSocialMedia.
Except for the fact that I am an avid reader and raving fan.
In the past, I did not know what was going to go up on ASM before it went up. However, I have sat with Judd and learned about all the ammo he has held in reserve. So I do know, now, what COULD go up, but not necessarily what WILL (or, in fact, if anything else will).

2) The Blackguards: Yes, I believe that the pro-NSS has indulged in a great deal of seriously illegal activity. They are raising such a clatter because they know what they are hiding. They know what Judd has figured out. Or, at least they have to wonder about it (they probably do not know all the places they have been sloppy around the 'Net, but they must know by now that they have been sloppy).

By the way, all of this is stored in a safe place these days, with lawyers, and with people who could broadcast it independently of us. Dead Man's Switch and all that (or leverage for the day we may need it). In the meantime, watching these guys swing and miss is laughable.


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