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Re: Just BS


Fair points. But from what I know, I suspect that the largest blows to Gary are still to come. You ain't seen nothing.

By the way, I have been mostly off-line for a few days, with a couple minutes here and there to catch up. I am reading this drivel now, wondering when someone is going to tell these jokers that they are stuck inside a 1.0 world, which holds, "They are the journalists, Overstock is the corproation, the journ alists are supposed to report on the corporation."
In the 2.0 paradigm (which is to say, mine and Judd's) it looks like this: an unhealthy alliance has emerged among certain hedge funds, corporate media, and the corporate media's hedge-fund-shills (who call themselves "reporters"); Judd is a reporter (he was, incidentally, a professional reporter down in Florida, before going to work for Jeb); we work together; we are exposing them; the 1st Amendment applies to us, too.
These guys are so arrogant and stupid they cannot yet grasp that they are the targets of an investigation by honest journalists (that would be the rest of us), we are exposing them, and they are twisting around in shrill complaint like the corporate flacks they are.
That 2.0 paradigm just has not sunk in: they are not journalists, they are the evil corporations, and we citizens are the journalists. "DOES NOT COMPUTE" for Gary, Seth, etc. One of the most interesting things I have ever seen is watching how these shill-journalists react as the tables get slowly turned on them.


PS By the way, for the record once again, ASM receives support from neither myself nor Overstock, and was started, I believe, before Judd joined Overstock. And no, Judd's title of "Director of Social media" has nothing to do with any of this stuff. It has to do with something amazing that he has been building.

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