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Msg  2976 of 44297  at  12/23/2006 10:51:28 PM  by



This antisocialmedia site seems to have Gary's knickers in a twist. So for the record:

1) Overstock has no resources supporting antisocialmedia.com. It is someone's hobby.

2) It is interesting to see how quickly the bad guys accuse others of being guilty of misdeeds they (the miscreants) have pioneered. For example, on Yahoo (full disclosure: I visit them essentially never these days, but someone who does has deconstructed the miscreants' system there) they seem to have figured out a way to demote with a one-star any posting they do not like (as most have a default filter set at 3, demoting a post to 1 star is almost as good as a deletion). So for example, there were posts exposing certain of Gary Weiss improprieties: I am told that they got as many as 1-star rating in minutes. It is hard to see how even a band of organized cloggers could do that, unless they had written a script of some sort. This has been going on for a couple months, I am told. Now they are running around accusing others of having a script (could be, don't know, I doubt it, don't care, really don't go there myself, etc). Almost as though they had long ago figured out that way to game the star system.....

As far as I can tell, Scipio is doing everything possible to keep you from going to www.antisocialmedia.com or understanding what is being said there, with screen shots and hard proof. Yes, short of having photos of Gary posting under different names, the most we are ever going to get is proof that his IP address is the source of his many different personas (leaving Gary with his "It was my visiting uncle and nephew posting from my computer!" defense).

Again, Scipio will continue to introduce as much blather ("Pat is just blaming everything on shorting") without ever introducing any quotes to support their claim, because that is the script they are all on. Gary thinks that by repeating a lie loudly and often he can get people to accept it. It has been amusing to watch from the sidelines, and see how long it takes people to wake up to this. It has taken a little longer than I thought, but I am glad to see these guys starting to fall apart.


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