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Msg  9830 of 44313  at  9/20/2007 5:41:35 PM  by


Hao jiu bu jian

Hello Lads and Lassies, Heroes and Blackguards Both,

I have not been as engaged on this board as I once was, but I still check in on occasion. It is nice to see that Truth is triumphing over Miscreancy, as well it should.

Are you excited about discovery? I sure am. lilGW's grandstanding notwithstanding, I hear the bad guys are pretty depressed today. Of course, having the SEC file against 38 guys in the stock-lending world could not ahve helped. Remember guys, "Roll early and roll often."

I have started a series I am calling, "Deep Capture." So far I only posted the Intro and Part 1 of 8. I saw that it was linked to on this site a couple weeks ago. However, it was not complete: I posted it in draft form so that the Introduction would not stand alone, but kept working on it, adding quotes, learning how to format (not well), etc. I finalized it Tuesday, and if you have not read it (or even if you read it in draft form), I hope you take a moment to read the final version. It has a 15% discount coupon that expires tomorrow night, too.


We are getting more serious about "Community" tab (we actually just rolled it yesterday, and are bringing underneath it various elements from around our site, and others we are developing. Of course, feel free to link to it from anywhere you want (and wait until you see the stuff I will be posting there in time!)

Best to all,


PS For the record:
1) Evren has no relation to Overstock. I believe I have never even spoken to him, but I recall a handful of emails from some time ago. I think these blackguards hate him because, though English be a second language to him, he writes better than they do, and also, because he is a Turk and they are bigots.

2) Mutual discovery sits just fine with me.

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