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Msg  9824 of 44313  at  9/20/2007 12:15:14 PM  by


Informal poll

Looking at the blurb for Briana Walker, the new Overstock spokesperson, I was a little puzzled, "She skydives, she surfs, she dances. So?" Then I watched the new TV ad:

Okay. Nothing earth-shattering. She doesn't seem to dig me the way Sabine did :-) , and not the genuine warmth that came across from Stormy but I am not exactly the target for these ads (Yahoo bilge rats' Evrenana comments notwithstanding).

THEN I go to her website and find out that she is disabled and in a wheelchair! Now, anyone can hire a disabled person to answer the phones but for a major consumer company to hire someone in a wheelchair as its spokesperson? That is groundbreaking. And what's more, the way the TV ad is done -- you have no idea! It is not a "look at her overcoming the odds and aren't we super to be associated with her" ad, it is a, "I am lounging on the couch and thinking of all the things I can get from Overstock" ad. She is not being "defined" by her condition.

I am very curious to see the reaction when the media picks up on this point.

Anyway, the poll:

Will anyone else admit to not noticing her disability? I know I was being a little thick but at least one other person PMed with the same initial impression and I am curious if there's more of us. Please recommend this post or send a quick PM to have your vote count. Thanks


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