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Re: Securities Laws

"So is it your story now that you had no basis for your statement on March 12, 2006 when you posted on Motley Fool: 'PPS Big story breaking next 24 hours. Stay tuned.'"

No, Tam, I was referring to a story that was not about Overstock (I was surprised by Alsin's story and its effect). And in fact, I posted that in a message as soon as I saw what transpired. Odd that you don't quote from that one.

This ongoing juvenile ("So it is your story now") deliberate misunderstanding of simple English in an attempt to distort the record and confuse the reader is why I think you are a shill. The rest of your questions just continue the blather laced with false assumptions: Judd was not an "official" (sic) of our company, he worked up's materials months before we hired him, I did not know anything about until I started hearing from people about it, is not about overstock and is not "dedicated to smearing [our] critics", it is investigative journalism that exposes bent reporters and the corruption of social media by shills (with, I think, comparatively little mention of Overstock), employees do plenty of things that are legal that I do not know about, etc. etc. So readers can form their own answers (mutatis mutandis) from my first above.

Really, someone needs to write you guys a new script. Send word.

You are on "Ignore." I knew I forgot something on my last visit.


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