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Msg  6925 of 44297  at  4/16/2007 10:38:51 PM  by


Misleading disclaimer on ASM

From the new ASM disclaimer as of today:

"Overstock.com has specifically requested that Judd stipulate that Overstock.com disclaims responsibility for the content on this site, and that nobody other than Judd has knowledge of what he is researching or writing before it is published here."

From a Jan. 14, 2007 Patrick Byrne post:

"I am suggesting to Judd that he should go ahead and post something he dug up about Gary's activities, something so slimy... It beats using his position as a journalist to sabotage Ian's wife's career, or to trash Ian, or anything else he has done. It is not germane to any of these other issues under discussion, but it is so foul, so loathesome, I think even you, with your education and commitment to academic principles, will realize is something you cannot defend. It is the kind of bad that just makes the world wince when they hear it. Judd was considering sparing Gary this ignominy, but I say, I think the world needs to know this in order to evaluate Gary's work fairly (and it was all done by proper sleuthing through IP's on Judd's part)."

Can anyone reconcile this apparent discrepancy?

NOTE: IPs harvested and tracked from any web site other than one's own server is not "proper" and possibly illegal. But thanks for sharing.

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