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Msg  5843 of 44329  at  3/26/2007 8:27:27 PM  by

De Daumier-Smith

another lesson in creative* miscreant identification

*creative modifies 'identification' in this case...not 'miscreant'

Everybody can try this at home. Go to you your favorite Yahoo! message board, and in the Search field (not the "Web Search" field in the top right-hand corner...but the the one on the left side about 1/3 of the way down) put and then use the pull-down menu to select "Stocks (A to Z) Category" and then click the search button.

You should get a nice, focused 13 results back. Eliminating the duplicates, they are:

Now, let us put those names through the old Dissembler Sorting Algorithm and see what we get, shall we?
  • second_year_law_student = ms_mint_green_esq = whos_next_for_a_wells_notice = dean_schitter = ken_lewis_has_rich_handler_envy    
  • ymh_ymh_ymh = proud2beatubs = class_action_lawsuit_time= haimchinkel_malintz_anaynikal    
  • regulators_have_been_notified = mother_merrill_stanley = feinsteinscaliforniagirls = se11atbid    
  • roel_campos_4_sec_chairman_2008 = fuenta_fuenta_opus_x = hilary_in_2008
Missing due to alias deletion: linda_thomsen_is_no_wimp

At this point, it feels more than a little reasonable to hypothesize that, given the consistent naming conventions and themes, each of these three accounts belongs to the same person. If you see anything that would tend to rule that out, please let me know.

Even more interesting would be a comparison of these target companies with known hedge funds' short positions (being mindful of the timeline: 3/2005 - 8/2006):
  • Xethanol
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Z-Trim Holdings      
  • Fifth Third Bancorp    
  • Digital River
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Salton
Just for kicks, given one of these aliases is named roel_campos_4_sec_chairman_2008 , let us search for

When we do, we get another tight set of results, including these familiar names:

Try it for something related but much more obvious and general, such as and the results swell but retain these familiar names (in addition to a few of their DSA-confirmed sockmates).

If second_year_law_student isn't a paid bashing scammer, then there must be no such thing.

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