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Re: Sam says.....

Hey Blackbart,

I laughed so hard at your message that I had to go back and read enough of Ignored Sam's messages to see what he was saying. It seems that his whole shtick now is that no one will answer his questions so he must have a point (instead of, for example, reading it that he is inane).

I have been directed to this message from Sam on yahoo today:
Re: This should be very interesting (1 Rating) 2-Feb-07 05:35 pm Re:

"His laywers are doing the suing, he and several other people are running Overstock.'


Does running include answering questions posed by me to Judd Bagley about Judd's actions that Patrick Byrne says has nothing to do with on an Investor Village message board during the afternoon?

Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

So let us get this straight: Sam, who seems not to understand that I let weeks or months go by without checking in on this board, and operating under some ill-founded assumption that he is Junior Prosecutor and is owed immediate and full answers from me to any questions he posts here, criticizes me for not answering his inane and repititive questions fully and immediately. It is proof, he claims, that I have something to hide. Then, I take the time to write a bunch of answers for Sam regarding my relationship with Judd. Then, he criticizes me on Yahoo for taking the time to answer his questions about Judd. Then, he comes back here and criticizes me for not answering his questions.... Did I get that right?

Is there anyone here who suspects that Sam is just trying to clog, or waste my time, or misdirect this discussion board? If you agree, please recommend this post. If we get over 20, I say that is proof that it is time we all agree to ignore Sam forever.


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