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Re: Twitter Spaces notes, Part 4

ENVX probably has 12 design wins. 
What happens when CEO says sales are better. 
Tokenization is fractional ownership of an asset. (The bundle of sticks!) 

Right now companies are going to Dom Republican and giving baseball players tiny money in return for 15% of their future earnings. (Portfolio theory!)
This could be done with college football players, real estate, land, etc. This is digtal and non-shortable. 

#3 guy from ICE walked away from $5m in salary. Highly confident. 

TZero will be last man standing. FTX is out of business; others too.

The tech is finally up to speed. Tzero will not crash.  


Tokenization got a black eye with NFT. This is not a scam. 

I encourage to listen to what Tzero said when he rang the bell at NYSE. Bigger opportunity than with ICE. On Youtube. No hard data yet. 

Unknown voice. Vendors of Bed Bath got stiffed. But coupons are coming. 
Johnson is a great executor. Can get 40% of customers back. 


Can companies use TZero to raise capital? 

Marc. I think there is a method to the madness and why people haven't heard about it. 

When new CEO showed up at TZero, tech wasn't up to speed. Now, I think it is. 

TZero has applied for trademarks around art and sports. 

Porter. TZero is just icing on the cake for OSTK. 
When you buy OSTK, $7 in cash, $3b in retail sales and Medici portfolio that has 2 Powerball tickets in it. 

I'm excited about TZero.

OSTK: Multiple ways to win. Just like ENVX. 
$30 is cheap. 

If we can get B plus execution from CEO, $60-80 pps. 

I bought more OSTK when stalking bid was out there. Then deal closes and people are now excited. 

I love OSTK and ENVX. 

You are only as good as the people in charge. 

When others go out of business, OSTK will benefit. 

Why will OSTK purchase will work? 

Marc. OSTK was a shit brand. Buying at a discount. But you can spend lots of money at Bed, Bath. 

OSTK not buying inventory, leases. Buying trademarks, etc. 

Only paid $21.5m for Bed Bath assets; a steal. 

A different type of acquisition. This is top five brand. 
I'm calling out the Russian at Needham.  

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