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Re: Ignore today's white noise...

Why ignore? I woke up yesterday, read up on the kerfuffle re SEC, decided it was a bunch of nothing-burger, put in a market order and luckily bought at almost the low of the day. Sold it at today's high (so far). I am reluctant to sell any amount at this juncture as it seems like banking a sure gain vs a much bigger gain possibly just over the horizon. But it is easy to be principled about trades when they go your way.

As for what makes me so cocky: I can just about picture how some would think that while what Sam & Gary and similar spoon out daily on twitter sounds like baloney, "What if?" What if I was mesmerized by Patrick and failed to see some warning signs. Then I remember that as sure as I am of Patrick's character, I am more sure of the lack thereof, when it comes to Sam & Gary and their ilk.

It is not unlike the deist/agnostic position: while I can not dismiss the possibility that I am wrong about the presence of a divine hand at an early juncture of the evolutionary process -- I know for sure that the story of noah's ark and such is patently man-made.

It is easier to spot a made-up story than to be sure of any man, is what I am trying to say.

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