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Re: Hello Old Timers....Roll, nice to see you again

For those ( few here ), not familiar with what took place in DNDN some  ( a trifle of information )
Yes, the efforts by Dr. Byrne as to KILL the Naked Shorting; of DNDN, as well as his own company, was Amazing. Dr. Brian was intervuied in 2004, giving a Dare Warning of a SYSTEMATIC FINANCIAL CRISIS. 
Cramer ( CNBS ), CROOKS, and all of Wall Str. ridiculed the '' notion of Naked Shorting '', as being a part of Disney Land. How true Byrne was, we all remember 2008; that's when Dr. Patrick Byrne had warned about took place.
But, let us never ever forget our Lawyer; Donahue from Ohio.
Took on the Tzar of the Corrupt FDA; DOJ with 11 ( eleven ) lawyers, against one; to protect Mr. Pazdur ( nicknamed, Pizzdur ). He had given insider information prior, which led to the jailing of Maria Stuart, for 43K.
The Giant firms, earning Billions for wrongdoing, got fines of some hundered dollars, cost of doing biz. 
Patrick was furious on behalf of all shareholders in DNDN, as well as his own company of course.
Made himself a Journalist, hired, U name it, but, not least, created a common cause with CareToLive and others, non-profit organizations.
All is described on


IF you have not followed DNDN, and wish to see How Patrick, the then jounarlist; it will OPEN your eyes; but, if you start reading now; it will take
you beyond X-mas to read, not least understand it.
One of the Main objects against the miscreants was to have THEM suing, but they Never Ever Dare; given their Culpability.
Let's Roll here Rollgard, we both know each others for years, and glad we now take the Benefit of knowing an Honest Biz man with Big BALLS.



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