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Msg  43908 of 44237  at  11/12/2017 6:29:24 PM  by


Hello Old Timers.....

I guess it's time I post after many years and make Number 13 Member.*lol....Many here were on DNDN board for years as I. So, a warm hello to you fighters.I really believe in Karma (ha we had a DNDN named Karma)....as to Patrick and the journey he has been through since the IPO launch.

I have added many shares to my core and truly see us going places.There are very informative posters here,Kudos to you all for your thoughts as Block chain looks a little complex in nature to get your head around.A winner? Imo,no different than a friend who talked me into buying a few domain names back in 1995 when this thing called Internet was going to be the next mind boggling event in history.I only wished then I could have bought more names and stayed focused on the Internet rather than making a living.But,sometimes having to make a living is a must whereas looking at something that seems nearly impossible to understand,is hard to count on to pay the bills.

In closing,since you guys are the "Dirty Dozen",I'll make lucky number 13 if you have room for another member here. I have PM'd many of you years back and glad to see many here still alive and on IV.

Thanks Roll......

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43911 Re: Hello Old Timers....Roll, nice to see you again ICE 4 11/13/2017 12:47:48 PM

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