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Re: Bumper Stickers For Sale

"These Tools of Satan left IP footprints all over Wikipedia and Yahoo and other places that Judd was able to unscramble and connect."

Did Bagley have contractual agreements with Wikipedia, Wikipedia Review and InvestorVillage that permitted him to harvest their proprietary traffic data? Or did he wire his own "caller id" (his analogy) without the permission of the carrier and compensation to the carrier? It is interesting how you characterize your critics and makes it clear how you view yourself.

In the process of all of this, he became quite astute about Web 2.0 and the way some had learned to hijack the discourse."

That's just plain old lying or "pretexting" in 2.0 terminology.. It's been around forever and he's been doing it for at least 8 years. Do I need to post more links to examples at this point?

"I pointed out to Judd that, if he were involved, he could not be doing anything on our company time, and that he must refrain from doing anything to discuss Overstock from and investment point of view. "

It's interesting to note his entire focus is on critics of Overstock.com and Patrick Byrne. Virtually all of his posts are on the Overstock message boards. I don't know of a single effort to expose a corporate pumper or shill or any concern for the penny stock scams that are regularly posted to the Yahoo OSTK board. It certainly seems like he is trying to control the discussion of Overstock as an investment to this observer. Do other Overstock employees post to the Overstock boards? Does Overstock.com have a policy regarding posting to Overstock.com message boards?

"Oh yes: somewhere in there (after Judd was already working for us) I became aware of ASM. I asked him about it: he suggested that he had a right to expect a "Don't ask don't tell" policy regarding his research and writing. ...Only a month or two later, when it began to draw attention, did he confirm his involvement to me."

The following posts authored by "Hannibal" seem to contradict this assertion. That is assuming the posts were made by "Patrick Byrne, CEO". It's not obvious from the posts themselves.


"I'm not even winded, but my opponents have just gotten a small taste of what is in store for them. I plan on doing these guys slow."

"As things play out in the next several months, my main interest is not in seeing justice served to the hedge fund blackguards (though that is nearly a foregone conclusion at this point), but in exposing the institutions which failed the public so miserably. Those are the SRO's and the regulators, of course, but also, much of the most respected business press. They are going to recognize that they went all in, too, when they cooperated in a cover-up."

""Most" of those bashers on the other board are really just one Guy Who ...
Amazingly enough, they are tied into a cabal on a certain public knowledge-sharing site as well. I know a fellow who spent a lot of time briefing an investigative journalist about it all recently. It will make a heck of a sub-plot in the movie someday."

"Myself, I love the New Media. I just understand its limits. The guys who hijack it are pretty sophisticated. Yes, I expect you'll see some pretty deep magazine articles about it someday this fall."

"I had a call with IPfreele today. First time in a long time. He was on the move, as is his style.
All is well.
Great art takes time."

"When the hordes of bashers show up (Guess We'll have to be on the lookout for them) we want to have our powder ready to eject them."

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