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Re: Bagley holds "debate" with self...won't answer simple query

Rather than step-by-step going through something you actually got correct, (and trying to push the fallacy that the rest of it is somehow also correct because one thing is),   why not change the stupid ASM articles where you got most stuff totally wrong?

Your refusal to do so is simply evidence of malice and that you have no interest whatsoever in the truth. You are only interested in pushing your agenda.

The whole Mantanmoreland cluster eff is debunked here:

The lynch pin to the multiple id thesis is the NNTP Posting Host fairy tale, debunked here:

The Amazon selection bias is pointed out here:

Also ignoring the obvious fact that evren is actually who caused Amazon to remove the reviews by spamming ASM in his "review":

You have refused change the characterization on ASM of Darl as some kind of criminal: "please keep in mind that we’re documenting examples of individuals employing deceptive tactics online for personal gain",  when:

  • He has requested it
  • You have no evidence of it
  • t's clear that your agenda furthers your personal economic gain, either by stock options you hold (you refused to answer that one, I note) and/or via the OSTK bonus program that ties directly to stock price.
Your internal delusions are pointed out here while you apparently are oblivious to them (or choose to ignore them):

I just felt it was important to get these facts on record for all to see.

Also, I notice Byrne and "O'Brien" were very quick to jump on my initial thrashing of the ASM smear site as it seemed to be their prized baby (also with the looney yet obligatory calling me "Gary").  Now that ASM is no longer the "independant" web site it was claimed to be, they don't seem too interested in defending it anymore (at least in public). It's been left up to your "Smith" nym (semi-good cop) and your bad-cop nyms "embraceyourinnerhillbilly" and "TruthAboutGaryWeiss" to put out the info you don't want associated with your real name (and you even seem hesitant about admitting to the "Smith" nym fully for some reason).

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