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Msg  3881 of 44311  at  1/19/2007 9:53:49 PM  by


Datamining for "Person Identification"

Judd Bagley was hired into the Provo Lab start-up run by Chris Knudson, "10SpeedMedia". Knudson is an avid blogger and frequently discusses his lunch meetings with Bagley to discuss "future projects".

Knudson also runs a business called "RelateNetworx". This operation has recently abandoned its domain name, but past pages are still available on Wayback. The "about" page describes RelateNetworx .com: <blockquote>
RelateNetworx was founded in 2003.  Our Mission is to bring technologies and intellectual property developed by universities and private companies to commercial markets.  RelateNetworx currently acts as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Web-based applications such as criminal background checks/person verification and premarital/marital assessments.

Knudson's linkedin profile describes the activities of RelateNetworx with the following bullet point:
>>> -Consulted with and Yahoo Personals on person identification technologies.<<<<

Knudson monitors the personal matching blogs, commenting on January 3, 2005 about coming upgrades to RelateNetworx.

Judd Bagley's primary defense to accusations of improper use of personal information is that he is too amateur to do so properly. Indeed, his use of some techniques is clumsy. Clearly, however, he is closely associated with an individual who has created a business out of Yahoo personal identification. Further validating the claim that his investigations are professional, rather than volunteer, is his statement on WikipediaReview that he was working with an SQL developer to create scripts and databases using the software API of Wiki to scrape IP addresses off of Wikipedia.

The division between Bagley's claim of volunteer endeavor, and demonstrated professional efforts seperates protected personal speech from corporate malfeasance.

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